Zoo Boo

13 Oct

Last Friday I took my niece and nephew to Zoo Boo !!  We had a blast!

ZooBoo is a family-friendly Halloween time event. It gives kids and adults alike a fun, spooky and safe place to celebrate this time of year. It features top-notch haunted houses and trails, animal encounters, light displays, music, free rides* and much more. ZooBoo is also a fundraising event for Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo-a not for profit organization. So, by attending this event, we helped raise money to operate the Zoo during its daytime hours, education and conservation programs.

This was a fun activity for them, we all agreed to go again next year 🙂  One thing I would recommend is checking age appropriate levels for the hauted houses- my niece was NOT having it in one of them lol (Tee was scared too 😦 )……

Ready for fun!

Practicing their “ah, I’m scared” face!

Map, check!

Adventure time…

When’s the last time you saw a Bald Eagle?…. exactly!

Adults could not ride 😦 …

Pony Track…

Finally something Tee can do….only Tee 🙂



Pre Birthday Dinner

30 Sep

Before I left for Greece, where I spent my actual Birthday, I had a small dinner at Maggianos Little Italy.  A few close friends and family came out to celebrate my 25th!!  It was really fun and the food was tasty.  I personally always have the best times when I spend them with people that I love!

I had a blast! Would not have changed a thing! 🙂



Greece bih- update :)

22 Sep

I haven’t been on this in a while but I have some exciting stuff (at least it is to me) to share!

I did a post a long time ago about going to Greece [ Greece bih! ] to celebrate my 25th Birthday and I’ll revisit that today!  I just returned on the 11th!  It was definitely a once in a life time experience and worth every penny!  Obviously the scenery was the best part of the trip.  Between Danae, Christina, and I we took about 1000 photos!  I’ll share a few photos with you guys from my trip.  I have tons of photos and 2 videos on Facebook so you can see the rest there!!

We flew into Venice, Italy to take a 7 day cruise through the Greek Isles. The first day was at sea so we peepin the scene by the pool almost all day.  It felt really good to catch on EVERYTHING and relax.  I couldn’t even begin to count how many loud out burst and insides jokes that were created as a result of the trip.

This was the first night on the cruise and my ACTUAL Birthday!  Anyone that knows me well enough will tell you I like the color black.  So Tina and Nae was nice enough to accommodate my Birthday requests lol.  I ❤ this pics and these girls!!  We had champagne at dinner and they both recorded a sweet little toast for me! <– tear!

The pictures above come from first stop in Corfu, Greece.  It was beautiful!  We booked an excursion for a horseback riding and the beach!  We did not get a disclaimer for those The BIG _____ ROCKs on the beach lol.  We still had fun though.  It was really relaxing and Dane made sure to have a radio on deck while we took in the scenery.  In between the beach we went horse back riding up a  mountain.  I was a bit nervous because I couldn’t remember the last time I was on a horse (ALONE).  These horses we rescue horses so they didn’t get crunk on us, in fact they were a bit SLOOOOOOOW.  It was so hot outside and the 2mph horse pace did not help the sun tan.  Nice experience overall [did I mention the random cats at the stable, used drinking cups, sweaty helmets :/.. guess that’s being adventurous!]  <– because we 3 cameras I didn’t have the ones actually on the horse- they are on FB!


The second port was Santorini, Greece <– my favorite, I think!  It was breath taking, literally!  The excursions for this stop included a hike up the biggest volcano in the world-what it felt like after reaching the top with all those trips and slips- swim in the hot springs- Nae and I opted out- a donkey ride up a mountain – like 670 slippery cobble stone steps to be exact – amazing food- with a free sweet wine shot at the end-and a cable car ride down!  We had lots of fun in Santorini eating and looking in shops!  Please go look at the rest of the photos on FB… this only shows a small part of what we experienced.

Stop numero tres was Mykonos, Greece.  Again, beautiful!  The water was so blue and clear <– does that make sense?  Anyway this town was lots of fun.  The local shops and restaurants’ back doors were very close to the coast.  It was really relaxing to have lunch and drink wine while look out on the beach.  We also ran across some wind mills in town where we were almost blown away!  Mykonos is known for some of their jewlery because that’s what the majority of the shops sold to tourists.  The last picture is HILARIOUS.  Not many of our kind, not that we saw anwyay, in Mykonos.  People randomly took photos of us, asked where we from, and wanted to touch Tina’s skin.  They were in love with her braids as well. “Pretty girls from The United States… “Nice skin color”…  Celebrities for the day?!? Ha! Rats, we thought we blended in with our non pale skin and cameras snapping photos every two minutes!

Katakolon, Greece (Olympia) was the last port!  This was one of the birth places of the Olympics!  It was soo hot that day so I let Tina and Nae take all the photos. We went to Olympic grounds and the also visited the musuem.  A lilttle tid bit about the musem.  They were so strict, you couldn’t talk loud- they sssshh’ed you- you could take photos (flashless,understandable, but you couldn’t be in the photos) and they literally followed people around the museum lol.   If they even though you were trying to sneak in a photo they were breathing down your back!  It was nice though…..  Katakolon also housed the world’s smalles beach ha ha.  We barely had room to walk to the water- THICK!

Thought we were done? * I thought I told ya that we won’t stop! LOL… Before coming back to the states, we stayed an extra night in Venice, Italy.  We spent some time in the “Water City” where we did a little shopping, eating, and took a water taxi to get a better look at Venice.  Lots of people were in the crowded streets and there was a church every 100 ft! It was nice.

We partied each night on the ship  as well, those pics are HILARIOUS!  I think I celebrated my birthday in a major and I would do it again- no questions.  I couldn’t have asked for a better time or better friends!  I’m already thinking about next year!

Hope you enjoyed, obviously I did!



Survey Time!

10 Aug

Who doesn’t love surveys?  I saw this questionnaire on a fellow bloggers page A Sassy Woman and decided to do it!  I haven’t posted anything in soooooo long, but I plan to do some more this weekend.

1. Is it cute when a guy kisses you on the forehead?

I guess…

2. Would you like a long love letter?

Guys write those? ß -_-

3. Group dates or single dates?

Any date will do…do I sound desperate ha ?

4. Is your hair up or down?

Pony fo sho!

5. Do you straighten your hair?

I sure do, creamy crack every 6 weeks!

6. Do you get your nails done?

Toes, I would be throwing money away to get my fingernails done in my line of work!

7. Jeans or skirts?


8. Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry that’s uncomfortable?

All the time! I generally carry flip flops in my purse/clutch- you won’t get me!

9. Do you text a lot?

Like it’s my job!

10. What would you do if you got pregnant?

That will NOT happen [not in the next 4 years]!  But if it did, I better be married and I’m not soooo ah, yeah!

11. Whats your favorite color?


12. Heels or flats?

Both but heels are my fav!

13. Did you ever cry during a romantic movie?

Not that I recall….

14. Would you ever leave the house without makeup on?

Oh, is this not normal?  I do it pretty much every day!


15. Do you think lip gloss is the best?


16. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

30 minutes or less…guess it depends on where I am going

17. Gold or silver?

Costume jewelry  both- and if not, Silver

18. On a scale of 1-10 how much do guys confuse you?


19. In the last 48 hours have you hung out with a guy?

I work with tons of them L

20. Do you wear lipsticks?


21. What age is the youngest you would ever date?

At this point 21 bwahaha just kidding – maybe just a year younger or older obviously

22. Is it hot when guys are sweaty?

YES, with basket ball shorts on, or sweats, or cut off shirts……J

23.What is the best possible feature on a guy?

I need to think about this a little more….

24. Do you like making eye contact?

Sure do!

25. Do you ever picture your wedding dress or wedding?

How can you picture one without the other?

26. Would you kill for chocolate?

Not that serious

27. Do you freak out if you miss your fav shows?

I don’t watch TV 

28. Do you yell a lot?


29. Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy?

No sir

30. Do you write a lot of mushy letters?


31. If you are to choose one makeup to use forever what would it be?


32. Do you fall in love easily? STOP!

33. Do you have cramps right now? No, thank ya lawd!


That was fun!  Yall should do it too!



Another Giveaway!!!!!!

27 Jul

Good Evening my wonderful readers!! Hope all is well. I’m sure you saw the title of this post and yes it is true…ANOTHER Great Giveaway!!!! This giveaway is so unique and beautiful. The wonderful Monica W owner of M Renee Design was kind enough to sponsor this giveaway. One fabulous ASW/Diary of a Random Girl reader will win a pair of her one of a kind, handmade earrings (that are featured below)! These earrings can be worn with a casual or dressy outfit. It is up to you how you rock the earrings, if you are the lucky winner. I have listed the requirements below. Have fun and good luck !

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Good Luck!!!

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16 Jul

Good morning!! An email was sent out to the winner !!!! So make sure you check !! Thank you to all who participated. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t win, there will be other giveaways. Special thanks to those who entered :) Have a wonderful Weekend!!



Happy 4th of July!!!

4 Jul

Tis all… have a good day!